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Presentation of the German course

Deutsch 1 is structured to gradually develop your command of essential grammar rules and conversational skills. These German lessons include concise explanations of the German grammar and many original ways to practice German online. This will assure that you learn the course material easily and progress steadily.

Thanks to our excellent interactive method, you will be able to speak German from the very first lesson and you will expand your grammar and vocabulary as you go along. Step by step you will acquire a good pronunciation and speak German with confidence.

For a student with an average aptitude, the time spent to complete all the German lessons and role-plays will be approximately 50 to 60 hours.

After completion of this German course you can step up to elementary level E and take Deutsch 2.

Syllabus of the German course

The total time necessary to complete all the German lessons is approximately 56 hours (including the course quizzes).

This is the complete index of the grammatical contents of Deutsch 1:

Chapter 1   Chapter 2

Lesson 1 (estimated time: 3hrs 30min)
• interrogative pronoun "what?" (was?)
• definite articles - singular (der, die, das)
• demonstrative pronoun "that/those" (das)

Lesson 2 (3hrs 20min)
• interrogative adverb "where?" (wo?)
• adverbs of place (hier, dort)

Lesson 3 (3hrs 50min)
• indefinite articles - singular (ein, eine, ein)
• negative indefinite articles (kein, keine, kein)

Lesson 4 (4hrs 10min)
• interrogative adverb of manner "how?" (wie?)
• predicative use of adjectives (... ist groß)
• coordinating conjunction (sondern)

Lesson 5 (3hrs 40min)
• interrogative adverb of quantity "how much?" (wie viel?)
• cardinal numbers (eins, zwei...)

Role-play 1 (2hrs 40min)
• questions of location
• ordering in a café
• paying the bill

Lesson 6 (4hrs 20min)
• interrogative adverb of quantity "how many?" (wie viele?)
• plural of articles and nouns (das sind Bücher)
• adverb (nur)

Lesson 7 (3hrs 40min)
• third person pronouns (er, sie, es)

Lesson 8 (4hrs 40min)
• interrogative "who?" (wer?)
• personal pronouns and present tense of "to be" (ich bin)

Lesson 9 (4hrs 30min)
• interrogative "which?" (welcher, welche, welches?)
• demonstrative adjectives (dieser, diese, dieses)

Lesson 10 (4hrs 30min)
• attributive use of adjectives (der rote...)
• prepositions (von... nach...)
• cardinal numbers (zehn, elf...)
• ordinal numbers (der erste, der zweite...)

Lesson 11 (4hrs 30min)
• interrogative "what kind of?" (was für...?)
• attributive use of adjectives (ein roter...)

Lesson 12 (3hrs 50min)
• review of all the course material

Role-play 2 (2hrs 40min)
• arriving at the hotel
• staying at the hotel
• buying a train ticket

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