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Time, understanding, practice, and feedback are essential to learn a new language. If you put in the time, the effective 3-step method of this LearnPlus online courses will help you with the rest. Here's how:

1. Understanding = learn how the language works

If you want to speak a foreign language correctly, you need to learn the grammar. You do not have to memorize complicated rules, but rather understand how the language works. In this course, concise and easy-to-read explanations help you build your knowledge of the German grammar step by step. This way it is easier to improve your language skills and you can learn more effectively.

2. Practice = practice makes perfect

If you want to learn a language well, you also need to practice. This course offers many interesting ways to practice: from specific exercises to interactive role-plays. This wide range of activities has been specially designed to develop all language skills. You listen, speak, read, write, and use German from the very first lesson and throughout the whole course.

3. Feedback = monitor your performance

If you want to know whether you are learning well, you need support. The unique features of this course not only keep track of your performance, but they also provide you with detailed advice on how to improve. What's more, you can receive personal assistance by a qualified language tutor who answers your questions about the language, helps you with grammar and pronunciation, corrects tests and exercises, monitors your progress, and gives you many practical tips on how to improve.


This Quick Tour explains the main features of the course. See how you can learn German effectively by understanding the language, practicing it, and receiving support!

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