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LearnPlus Vocabulary Class is much more than just a set of German flash cards!
This German Vocabulary Class is more comprehensive, educational, and effective than any deck of cards. Online German flashcards with English translations are just one of the features of this program. The Vocabulary Class gives you more! Thousands of examples explain the use of each German word. Special pages clarify important German grammar rules and the conjugations of most German verbs. Recordings of native speakers teach you perfect German pronunciation. Innovative exercises help you master the German spelling. And if you want to study on the go, you can also print all the German flash cards and download the German vocabulary in MP3 format!


LearnPlus German Vocabulary Class does not require any previous knowledge of German: complete beginners can take the class to start building their knowledge of the language. A beginner student can also learn about the most important rules of the German grammar and understand how the German language works. More advanced students can use the German flashcards as a learning aid to prepare for written tests or oral examinations. This German Vocabulary Class is also ideal if you do not study German in school but are traveling to Germany, Austria, or Switzerland for business or pleasure. Learning the vocabulary of this class will help you communicate in German during your stay, making the most of your time in a German-speaking country. These German flash cards are divided in chapters and topics that correspond to everyday situations and cover most subjects of conversation, from family life to sport, from school to workplace, from going out for dinner to traveling abroad. Once you complete the class, you will know all the most frequent and useful words of the German language!

German Flashcards

There are millions of words in German, but everyday communication -- both written and spoken -- evolves around a much smaller number of words. Statistically, 80% of all German texts (written and oral) are based on 1,500 to 2,000 words. If you know this core vocabulary, you can communicate with native speakers in all everyday situations. The aim of these online German flashcards is to teach the most important words of the core vocabulary (about 1400 words). A solid knowledge of these words helps with less common vocabulary as well because many German words are compounds: they are terms made up of two or more simpler words. The selection of the most frequent and useful German words was based on extensive research: frequency lists and vocabulary statistics published by official bodies in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland); dictionaries and teaching materials used by educational organizations like the Goethe Institute and the "Deutscher Volkshochschulverband" (German Adult Education Association); vocabulary lists prepared for recognized exams such as the "Zertifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache" (ZDF - Certificate of German as a Foreign Language). All the German flash cards use the new spelling, which was introduced by the German Spelling Reform in 1998 and is obligatory from 2005.

German Vocabulary

The most distinctive feature of this unique program is that the German flashcards are organized progressively so that a complete beginner can truly learn the German language effectively. The vocabulary builds gradually, introducing only a manageable number of new words at the time and re-using words already studied in new examples to reinforce memorization and recall. This method truly creates a long-lasting knowledge. If you are a beginner learner, this unique way of building vocabulary is never confusing: you progress steadily learning each and every word with its correct pronunciation, spelling, and meaning. If you are a more advanced student, this same method allows you to review and improve the German you already know. You can better understand the correct use of a word, clarify doubts about grammar, perfect your German pronunciation, and practice all language skills.


Interactivity is key to make your learning experience effective and it helps meet your individual learning style. Consequently, the German flash cards combine text with sound: you do not only see what each German word means in English, but you also learn how it is correctly pronounced and written. To support visual memory, the German flashcards have different colors according to the grammatical function of the word that appears on them. For instance, because it is essential that you know the gender of a German noun, you learn the definite article (der - masculine gender, die - feminine gender, das - neuter gender) with each noun and each gender has a different card color. The spelling exercise helps with memorization if you learn better by 'doing': you can type each word directly into the program, and see if you make any mistakes. Each German word is also accompanied by several examples so that its correct use is clearly explained and easily understood. All the German examples reflect the common usage of the words in native communication, including idiomatic expressions. And to help with the grammar, there are dedicated explanations that come complete with additional examples, translations, and tables with verb conjugations.


The online program offers the highest level of interactivity, but you can also learn away from the computer. All the German flash cards of the Vocabulary Class can be printed. You can organize the material in different ways. You can print the German vocabulary in labels as traditional flashcards (a German word and an example of its use with their English translations on the opposite side of the page) and as a dictionary (a list of German words and their English equivalents). Grammatical explanations can also be printed and there is a printable version of all the German examples complete with English translations. You can also keep drilling pronunciation and listening comprehension by downloading the sound files of the Vocabulary Class onto an MP3 player. In the MP3 pronunciation files you hear the word in English and there is a pause for you to say aloud the corresponding German word before hearing it pronounced by native German speakers. This is an excellent way to practice recall and active knowledge of each word, while also improving your pronunciation of the German language. With an MP3 player, you can learn and practice on the move!

German Flash Cards

This unique German Vocabulary Class gives you all the tools you need to learn the core vocabulary of the German language. Reading text, listening to the spoken words, repeating aloud, and practicing spelling ensure that you memorize the vocabulary and use it in the right context, understand the spoken language and speak with the best pronunciation, write the language correctly and communicate with ease and without mistakes. Combining online learning with printable flash cards and MP3 sound files, you can learn German effectively at any time and anywhere! Learn more about the German Vocabulary Class.


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