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This is a directory of "guides" for anyone interested in the German-speaking world, its language and culture. We have grouped various websites according to the services they offer: from general information about a German-speaking country to online translating dictionaries. Our own LearnPlus Guides include a unique program with interactive audio flashcards to learn German vocabulary; a collection of funny German idioms to perfect your command of the German language; a Learning Material Guide with reviews of useful books for all those learning German; a Grammar Guide of easy definitions of the most common terms used in grammatical explanations; and a practical Vienna Guide about the beautiful capital city of Austria.

• German Vocabulary NEW! - A unique way to learn German: online flashcards with German vocabulary and English translations, thousands of examples, German grammar explanations, recordings by native German speakers, interactive exercises, printable material, and pronunciation files ready to download in MP3 format!

• German Idioms - Ever wondered why Germans throw money out of the window and have their neck over their head? This Guide to common German idioms will provide the answer and you can also listen to it in German!

• Learning Material Guide - This Guide will help you choose the right language resources for your studies. Our German language teachers have personally reviewed and recommended these useful books. Whether you need a dictionary or a grammar, you will find here advice on the best texts available.

• Grammar Guide - What is "grammar"? If you are fighting with English words like "pronouns" and "conjunctions" as much as with the German language, this Guide is for you. These explanations will be of use to anyone who is not familiar with common grammatical terms.

• Vienna Guide - Discover everything about Vienna! This new Guide has plenty of useful information for planning a visit and get the best out of your stay in the capital of Austria: travel facts; history; sightseeing; entertainment; an insider's view on a peculiarly Viennese "habit"; and more!


• Online Resources - This Guide lists useful German-related resources that are all available online: you will find links to catalogs, directories, and indexes about grammar, literature, culture, history, and more.

• Schools - Look up this Guide if you are interested in studying German in the countries where it is spoken: you will find links to websites that give information about studying abroad and list schools, programs, and organizations that you can contact.

• Travel - In this Guide you will find links to helpful travel-related guides: airlines, international travel agents with booking facilities, and plenty of information from the websites of the Tourist Offices of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

• Reference - This Guide links to online German-related resources that you can use for reference: mono- and bi-lingual dictionaries, Thesauri, etc.

• Miscellaneous - This Guide groups mixed resources on language and community.

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LearnPlus Guides > German Guide Index
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