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Now you can learn German or study Spanish effectively! You can save time and money without compromising on quality by enrolling in a LearnPlus online course. You can learn German or study Spanish and be in control: progress at your own pace, from any location and at any time. All courses are great value for money!

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"It's good because the speed and content are similar to actual conversational Spanish language courses and you are given realistic expectations for progress."  

LearnPlus has been working in the field of online education since 1998. We provide the high-quality, interactive language courses that you need to learn effectively. Combining online lessons with support from language tutors, each LearnPlus program enables you to use the foreign language of your choice from the very beginning. You practice extensively all language skills and develop confidence and fluency. You can learn to speak German in everyday situations and learn to speak Spanish as in real-life conversations.

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