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Español 1 Overview
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Objective of the Spanish course

Español 1 is an introductory online Spanish course for those with little or no background in the language. Whether you are studying Spanish for the first time or have studied it in the past but need to brush up on it, this is the course for you. Español 1 has two main goals: the first is to build a grammatical foundation of the Spanish language to enable you to step up to the next level; the second is to build good communication skills, which are essential if you want to learn to speak Spanish fluently.

Español 1 teaches you grammatical concepts, conversational skills, and a correct pronunciation of the Spanish language through a variety of activities: drills, exercises, learning games, role-plays, and more. Depending on the enrollment option you choose, you can receive constant feedback about your performance and test your progress in each lesson. You can also sign up for two unique services: the direct support of a dedicated Spanish tutor and a proficiency certificate at the end of your Spanish course.

After completion of this fifteen-lesson online course, you will be able to manipulate basic language skills and apply what you have learned in actual conversations: for example, you will be able to speak Spanish and ask for directions, place an order in a restaurant and pay for the meal, or buy a ticket at a train station. Generally, you will be able to communicate with a Spanish speaker on an elementary level.

Español 1 is the first step towards learning to speak Spanish with confidence or brushing up on your knowledge of the Spanish language and gain fluency.

Structure of the Spanish course

Español 1 is divided into two Chapters, fifteen Lessons, two Role-plays, two Quizzes, and two Pronunciation Checks. The course also provides a complete online Vocabulary.


Chapter 1 includes Lesson 1 to 5, Role-play 1, Quiz 1, and Pronunciation Check 1.
Chapter 2 includes Lesson 6 to 15, Role-play 2, Quiz 2, and Pronunciation Check 2.

Each Lesson of the course has four sections:
1. The Grammar explains the grammatical concepts taught in the Lesson.
2. The Drill & Practice makes you apply grammar and Spanish vocabulary in various activities.
3. The Games provide a relaxed way to practice Spanish grammar that is particularly difficult.
4. The Test allows you to see if you have correctly assimilated the content of the Lesson.

Each Role-play has three sections:
1. The Idioms explain the Spanish expressions taught in the Role-play.
2. The Act & Practice makes you apply the grammar, vocabulary, and Spanish idioms you have learned in real dialogs.
3. The Test allows you to see if you have correctly assimilated the content of the Role-play.

The Quiz tests your active knowledge of what you have learned in a Chapter.

Pronunciation Checks
The Pronunciation Check allows you to see if you have developed a good pronunciation in Spanish.

The Vocabulary is a reference section that contains all the Spanish words used in the course.


Access to Games, Tests, Quizzes, Pronunciation Checks, and personal support from a language tutor are available only if you enroll in the Lessons and the Tuition, while the proficiency certificate is available only if you enroll in the Complete Course.

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