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Presentation of the Spanish course

Español 1 is structured to gradually develop your command of essential grammar rules and conversational skills. These Spanish lessons include concise explanations of the Spanish grammar and many original ways to practice Spanish online. This will assure that you learn the course material easily and progress steadily.

Thanks to our excellent interactive method, you will be able to speak Spanish from the very first lesson and you will expand your grammar and vocabulary as you go along. Step by step you will acquire a good pronunciation and speak Spanish with confidence.

For a student with an average aptitude, the time spent to complete all the Spanish lessons and role-plays will be approximately 50 to 60 hours.

After a successful completion of Español 1, you will have a good knowledge of the basics of the Spanish grammar and will be able to speak Spanish on an elementary level in many real-life situations.

Syllabus of the Spanish course

The time necessary to complete all the Spanish lessons is approximately 50 hours. If you enroll in the Spanish course and in the tutorial services as well, the total time could be longer as your Spanish language tutor may create additional exercises and specific ways for you to practice Spanish online.

This is the complete index of the grammatical contents of Español 1:

Chapter 1   Chapter 2

Lesson 1 (estimated time: 2hrs 15min)
• interrogative "what" (¿qué?)
• indefinite articles - singular (un, una)
• demonstrative pronoun "this/that" (esto)

Lesson 2 (2hrs 15min)
• interrogative "where" (¿dónde?)
• definite articles - singular (el, la)
• adverbs "here, there" (aquí, allí)

Lesson 3 (3hrs 30min)
• interrogative "how" (¿cómo?)
• singular form of "to be" (es, está)
• qualitative adjectives (bueno, fría ...)
• conjunction "but" (sino)

Lesson 4 (2hrs 15min)
• interrogative "how much/how many" (¿cuánto/s?)
• cardinal numbers (uno, dos, tres ...)
• adverb "together" (juntos)

Lesson 5 (4hrs)
• interrogative "how many" (¿cuántos/as?)
• indefinite articles - plural (unos, unas)
• definite articles - plural (los, las)
• plural form of "to be" (son, están)
• plural form of nouns
• demonstrative pronoun "these/those" (éstos)
• adverb "also" (también)

Role-play 1 (1hr 45min)
• questions of location
• ordering in a bar
• paying the bill

Lesson 6 (3hrs 30min)
• interrogative "what/which" (¿qué?, ¿cuál/es?)
• demonstrative adjectives and pronouns (este, aquella ...)

Lesson 7 (3hrs 15min)
• interrogative "who" (¿quién/es?)
• personal pronouns (yo, tú ...)
• present tense of "to be" (ser: soy, eres ...)
• adverb "either" (tampoco)

Lesson 8 (3hrs)
• regular verbs ending in "-ar" (comprar, escuchar, hablar, necesitar)
• indefinite adjectives "many, few" (muchos, pocas, ...)

Lesson 9 (2hrs 45min)
• present tense of "to be" (estar: estoy, estás ...)
• more regular verbs in "-ar" (estudiar, trabajar)
• indefinite adverbs "a lot, a little" (mucho, poco)
• preposition "in" (en)

Lesson 10 (3hrs)
• regular verbs ending in "-er" (beber, comer, leer, vender)
• conjunction "but" (pero)

Lesson 11 (3hrs)
• present tense of "to do/to make" (hacer: hago, haces ...)
• more regular verbs in "-er" (aprender, comprender)
• indefinite adjectives and adverbs "enough, too little, too many ..." (bastante, demasiadas ...)

Lesson 12 (2hrs 45min)
• regular verbs ending in "-ir" (abrir, escribir, partir, vivir)
• preposition "from" (de)
• adverb "now" (ahora)

Lesson 13 (3hrs)
• interrogative "where to" (¿adónde?)
• present tense of "to go" (ir: voy, vas ...)
• more regular verbs in "-ir" (discutir, recibir)
• prepositions "from - to" (desde/de - hasta/a)
• preposition "about" (sobre)

Lesson 14 (2hrs 45min)
• regular and irregular verbs (acabar, cerrar, empezar, querer, preferir)

Lesson 15 (2hrs 45min)
• present tense of "to have" (tener: tengo, tienes ...)
• present tense of "to come" (venir: vengo, vienes ...)
• indefinite "a little of" (un poco de)
• preposition "of" (de)

Role-play 2 (2hrs 45min)
• asking for information at the train station
• eating at the restaurant

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