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2. Practice

The best way to learn is to practice: the more you practice, the better you learn!


Simply memorizing phrases is pointless if you want to acquire real communication skills. If you work with the language, instead, you learn to express yourself in the new language naturally and correctly.
This course has been created with a great range of activities that make you apply the grammar rules you study in many creative ways. Through drills, exercises, games, and role-plays you reinforce your understanding of Spanish and learn to use it in everyday situations.

In this LearnPlus course you gradually develop all language skills:

Listen ~ Speak ~ Read ~ Write

There are many different activities in this course because it is very important that you practice until the new language becomes second nature. You start speaking Spanish from the very first lesson and learn to read and write the language correctly. Most of all, you constantly practice listening comprehension and pronunciation to gain fluency and perfect your spoken Spanish.

Spanish Practice
Spanish Games

LearnPlus courses use state-of-the-art technology to deliver full interactivity and make learning more enjoyable. As part of the tutorial services, this course offers interactive learning games to help you practice grammar that can be particularly hard to learn. While they provide specific practice, the games also introduce you to the culture of the countries where Spanish is spoken. You can also compare your performance with that of other fellow students. Practice can be a lot of fun!

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